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Amazing care! Dr. Beth is the best around. The second you walk in the door, everyone is here to take care of you! Great bedside manner, and very intelligent. Highly recommend!!
I couldn’t suggest Namaste Chiropractic enough! The receptionist Dana is always so warm and friendly and Dr. Beth is extremely knowledgeable. I have experienced much less back and neck pain since having regular adjustments for almost a year. Five stars for sure!
Namaste Chiropractic is more than just a doctor’s office, it’s a place where patients can go to relax, heal and actually learn about the workings of their body’s systems. Dr. Beth is so passionate about what she does. The care which she provides her patients is personal, thorough and meaningful. Not only did I feel better physically, but I received a useful education on my spine, and posture. I would highly recommend anyone visit Dr. Beth, whether you are in pain or not, in fact, don’t wait until you are in pain!
I love the feel of this office and the staff is amazing. I've never been to any kind of medical office where each staff member cares so much for their patients. The atmosphere is great, too. It has a very relaxing feel....almost spa-like! Dr. Beth is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to understand your particular situation. She has a fantastic bedside manner, too. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!
Dr. Beth's treatments have me feeling better than I have in years. I have more energy. I can concentrate for longer periods of time. I can breathe clearly. And most importantly, my back pain is almost always gone. I began treatments in December 2018 and it is now September 2019. In December 2018 the garage door came down, hit me in the back, and moved a vertebrae out of place. The pain was horrible and after my first treatment the pain was bearable. She told me about spinal health and I signed up for the long-term health adjustments rather than just doing a quick treatment to relieve the back pain. The quick treatments to resolve the back pain took about two-weeks. After that the treatments were all about straightening and aligning my spine. My posture is improving (I was becoming one of those hunch-backed old men due to excessive computer work and cell phone use). I started noticing really big improvements in my health after about eight (8) to nine (9) months. So hang in there, the treatments work, but, as Dr. Beth told me, I didn't get in the place I was overnight so the cure won't be overnight. However, once the benefits kicked in, I began to have more energy, feel more positive, look upright and younger, and just feel better.
I have suffered from back pain for several years! I have been pretty reluctant to seek professional help for fear of cost and not knowing if it would truly help with my pain. I was referred to Namaste Chiropractic by a friend and when I met Dr. Beth, I felt confident that she had the ability to help me. After my 1st session, I could tell that this relationship was going to last a lifetime. I have seen a difference in my posture and have relief from the pain that once plagued me day in and day out. Would I recommend Dr. Beth and her entire crew for anything and everything? The answer is simple, YES!! Absolutely, YES!! Call today, make an appointment and you will be happy you did!
After being referred to Dr. Beth through a good friend, I went in for a consultation and knew instantly that she and her staff would be a good fit for me. Dr. Beth is super knowledgeable about the nervous system and breaks down everything so it is easily digestible for her patients. I have been going through corrective care for several weeks and so far it has been bliss. Dana and Rilee are always so welcoming and easy to talk to, and they work with my schedule to accommodate my needs, as I’m sure they do with every patient. I am very impressed with Dr. Beth and her staff and I look forward to continuing with corrective care to achieve results.
Every time I go to Namaste Chiropractic I feel welcome and taken care of. Dr. Beth has educated me on the health of my spine in a way that has me committed to continuing chiropractic now as a way of life. I feel empowered knowing I’m doing something amazing for my health, body and mind. Namaste💜
I'm so glad I found Dr. Beth and the good folks at Namaste Chiropractic. I have chronic lower back and shoulder blade pain, which would render me useless when a flare up occurred. During my flare ups, I would happily spend the majority of my weekend or evenings stretching and using a foam roller to relieve the pain and stress that had built up. I eventually went to Namaste Chiropractic, received an x-ray and full consultation with Dr. Beth, where she learned of all my issues and injuries. I came back and got educated on exactly what was wrong (and right!) with my spine. I signed up to Corrective Care and have seen noticeable improvements within the first month. I encourage anyone with chronic issues to pay them a visit. This has honestly been a game changer for my over all posture and wellness. My only regret is not starting care sooner!
My first chiropractic experience- so wonderful, I can’t say enough good things about Namaste Chiropractic and Dr. Beth Kozak. I have been coming here for 2 years. The staff is wonderful, the massage therapists are excellent, and the office/adjustment rooms are so well equipped. I deeply appreciate her interest in educating her patients on how to take care of themselves!
Dr. Beth and her staff are the best. They're truly caring and want to make you feel better. It's about healing, not money.
Dr. Beth and her team are fantastic. My back feels good, and my posture improving.
I started with Dr.Beth in October 2018 because I lost feeling in three fingers on the left side due to nerve entrapment and I was possibly looking at surgery. She has worked miracles with me. I have been pain free for aleast 3 months now! She is a true healer!
I came to Namaste out of curiosity, and have gained many insights on how to stay healthy. Thank you Dr Beth, Dana, and Riley!
This place is amazing, the intensive care works, they do critical evaluation and will do treatment that works best for you. They treat patients like family, you can tell their intentions are not driven by money but by wanting to heal people. After visiting several doctors with no results, i finally stumbled upon Dr.Beth and i feel incredibly better and confident . now my daughter and i both look forward to our appointments. Thank Dr. Beth , Dania , and Rilee😊 you guys are awesome.
I got a diagnosis of osteo-arthritis on my left knee, so I decided to look for a corrective chiropractor because I want to treat my condition from the root cause. I found online Dr. Beth from Namaste Chiropractic and I can’t be happier and thankful. Through correction of misalignments on the spine, correction of posture, and additional therapies that she provides in her office I feel now 98% better with less pain and inflammation in just two months so far. Doctor Beth and her staff, Dana and Rilee, are amazing. They do their job with love and dedication and make me feel welcome the moment I walk in. They have explained to me with detail every question that I have asked. Doctor Beth makes sure that after every visit the patient feels comforted and relaxed. Doctor Beth has given me exercises to do at home to help speed up my healing process. I highly recommend Namaste Chiropractic.
This office is exceptional! The staff is kind and engaging and most importantly Dr. Beth has the skills that have improved my spine, old injuries and better quality to my life.
I suffered from back pain for years. Dr Beth helped me so much. I am now able to get out of the house and be active again.
Thank you to this Amazing Chiropractor Dr. Beth for her Awesome Assistance in helping me feel better. I experienced 5 months of numbness in my left shoulder to my fingertips and headaches before going to her. I went to every doctor and nobody took the time and care to help me like Dr. Beth. I owe it all to her for curing me since April. I learned from her that I have a slight scoliosis and now I am getting the corrective care that I need. It is so worth investing in your body and taking care of you. Thank you Dr. Beth for your encouragement, knowledge and expertise in making me feel better every day!!!
I LOVE this place, and DR. BETH! I was in an auto accident a couple of years ago and did some pretty nasty damage to my neck and back, as I was completely stoped and was rear ended by someone going approximately 60 MPH. I also have mild scoliosis, and cervical and lumbar degeneration. Anyway, about a week or so ago, I fell unconscious and hit the ground. Since then, I’ve been in unbearable pain. I saw Doctor Beth for the first time yesterday, 11 January 2018. She did some X-rays and palpated around, then hooked me up with some therapy. I’m still in the early stages of treating and correcting the lack of curvature in my cervical spine, but so far I feel like a whole new person. Doctor Beth is phenomenal. I have met a lot of people and a have come across several specialists, and it’s not very common that you find someone so passionate and excited about what they do. Dr. Beth and her staff are friendly, and lively, and you truly feel better just walking into her office. The facility is clean! Very clean, and I have OCD and relatively high standards, but I have not one complaint. I am so truly impressed with the staff, equipment, location, availability, treatment, and so forth. I highly recommend Namaste Chiropractic and Dr. Beth!
Dr. Beth is AMAZING! She has seen me, my son, my mother, my friends! I tell everyone I can about her - she helped my pain tremendously.
Dr Beth, Dana, and Riley are excellent! So caring and healing. I came out of curiosity, and have been learning so many helpful ways to stay healthy. Thank you.
Dr. Beth Kozak is our miracle worker. God used her to help not just correct my neck that was off 4"+ but educate me on why corrective chiropractic care was necessary for me. She will not adjust you without first taking an x-ray and assessing it! She even called me after my first visit to check in on me! Her prices are reasonable and she's always willing to work with you on treatments. She truly cares about helping her patients and can help you on short notice. We are grateful that we met Dr. Beth!
The BEST chiropractor and healer. She has a complete grasp of correcting and maintaining the spine. If you are in pain, sick, feeling poorly or just trying to stay healthy- Dr Beth will work with you to customize your treatment and care. Before you see a surgeon or an orthopedist - see Dr Beth. The spine is the key to longevity, health and wellness. Dr Beth can help you feel your best and correct your posture. Stand up straight and see Dr Beth!
“I started having severe back issues when I was training for my last half marathon in early 2015. I had always been afraid of chiropractors, but I decided to take a risk and go to a doctor I met in my yoga class.The past 13 months have been very challenging in many ways. I have developed a new level of sympathy for those who live with chronic pain. Unfortunately, I will never run again, but I am getting my quality of life back. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found somebody I trust completely. She is helping me correct what can be corrected and feel healthy again. I am working towards a pain free back and am full of hope. I cannot recommend Dr. Beth Kozak highly enough. She is truly a blessing in my life and in the lives of my children, who also see her.
Gail Gray Alfred
Dr. Beth Kozak has been my chiropractor for about 6 years. Literally, I cannot live without her. Her gentle and lasting adjustments combined with her genuine passion and caring concern to help heal place her in top place for medical professionals in my book.
Kim Johnson Willard
I absolutely love Beth. There is no chiropractor out there that will listen to you and care for your needs more than her! Highly recommend!
Shelley Doel Megathlin
She is helping me so much! She is a joy to work with and I feel blessed that I found her!