Overview Of Our Sports Chiropractic Practice

Do you currently suffer from a sports-related injury? Perhaps you have been in pain for several months and have not been able to resolve the issue? You may have stopped playing the sports you love altogether? Perhaps you have even been to a medical doctor. Call Namaste Chiropractic and schedule a free chiropractic consultation. Dr. Beth will be able to see you quickly for an appointment in our Palm Beach Gardens chiropractic office.

 What Can A Sports Chiropractor Do?

A sports chiropractor treats athletes of all ages and backgrounds. Being a certified yoga instructor, Dr, Beth knows the importance of preventing injuries and performing pain free. Dr. Beth time and again has provided the best possible care so her patients can return to those activities they enjoy most. Regular chiropractic care can help prevent injury and keep athletes at their peak. Whether you do yoga, play tennis, soccer, or football, there are many injuries that can occur with people that play sports.

Common Chiropractic Sports Injuries

There are many sports injuries that can be alleviated by chiropractic care. This includes neck injuries, pinched nerves, and herniated disks. When pain or discomfort occurs, seeking chiropractic care may shorten the time of injury. Headaches, inflammation, and muscle spasms are all symptoms that may be alleviated by accessing chiropractic care. Chiropractic care often times lead to a higher degree of mobility. Dr. Beth would be happy to speak with you about sports chiropractic during a free chiropractic consultation. Call the office for an appointment.

Emergency Chiropractic Services in Palm Beach Gardens

Namaste Chiropractic is available for your emergency chiropractic needs. Appointments are available quickly. Dr. Beth will be able to see you quite quickly for an emergency consultation in our Palm Beach Gardens chiropractic office.

If you have not been able to alleviate the pain that you have been feeling due to a sports injury, consider calling our sports chiropractic practice today. We will be happy to work with you in order to achieve an acceptable level of comfort from the injuries that you have sustained quickly. Whether a back or neck injury, Dr. Beth will work with you to gain more mobility.