Physiotherapy in Palm Beach Gardens

Physiotherapy in Palm Beach Gardens is utilized at Namaste Chiropractic as a complement to chiropractic care. It is especially beneficial for patients managing pain and recovering from injuries. Namaste Chiropractic serves patients with a full compliment of services that assist in pain relief and promotes healing by rehabilitating muscles, ligaments, tendons, and intervertebral discs that support a healthy spine. Dr. Beth is able to address her patients’ needs with multiple modalities to help you feel better faster.

Palm Beach Gardens Physiotherapy Treatment

Namaste Chiropractic offers Palm Beach Gardens Physiotherapy Treatment. To compliment Dr. Beth’s chiropractic adjustments, a personalized plan of physiotherapy may be recommended, depending upon your individual needs.

Therapeutic Exercises

In order to properly support the spine, muscles need specific exercises and stretches. After years of poor posture or an incident such as an automobile accident, it is imperative to rehabilitate and strengthen injured muscles to promote structural change. Based on examination and radiographic findings, Dr. Beth will design a series of exercises and stretches for you to promote the correction of postural disturbances. The prescribed exercises will also help strengthen the core, increase a patient’s range of motion, and assist achieving structural change.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Simulation delivers electrical impulses directly to the injured tissue or to injured muscles. The electrical impulses play an important role in retraining muscles to become healthy. After attaching adhesive diodes to the affected area, muscles are “stimulated” to contract and relax in order to increase circulation to the site of injury. Nutrients are then able to enter the muscle, while toxins are eliminated, accelerating natural healing.


The application of alternating ice and heat to injured muscle and other soft tissue injuries is very beneficial while on the road towards healing. The goal is to reduce inflammation and stimulate natural healing processes. Cryotherapy is excellent for back pain, neck pain, and various other muscular pains. It simply helps muscles recover quickly and prepares them for optimal performance.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is yet another therapy option we utilize at Namaste Chiropractic. Ultrasound utilizes sound waves that penetrate into injured tissue and stimulate deep heating inside muscles, tendons and ligaments. The focus is to reduce inflammation, thereby healing injured soft tissues.

Manual & Mechanical Traction

Traction may be a helpful therapeutic option for neck pain and back pain by stretching segments of the spine. Traction improves spinal range of motion, helps correct damage from poor posture and stretches the spinal joints. Traction is an excellent pairing with chiropractic care.

Typical Questions & Answers About Physiotherapy

How does Physiotherapy work?

The goal of all forms of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and heal injury by relieving inflammation. Depending on your symptom presentation, Dr. Beth will work with you on a treatment regime to help relieve your pain.

Will Physiotherapy work for me?

Dr. Beth works with each patient in order to discover the best mode of treatment for their individual needs. Physiotherapy is often a complement to chiropractic care.

Will physiotherapy hurt?

Some modalities may be uncomfortable, especially during corrective care. Physiotherapy takes commitment and endurance. The first step to understanding your discomfort and pain, is to call Namaste Chiropractic today at 561-619-7319. The first step is to discovering how Dr. Beth can work with you. If you’re seeking relief of your pain, recovering from injury, or simply seeking overall wellness care, physiotherapy can help! To learn more about Physiotherapy at Namaste Chiropractic, call today and ask for Rebecca and make an appointment to see Dr. Beth.

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