Massage Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens

Namaste Chiropractic offers Massage Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens. Therapeutic Massage is considered part of complementary and alternative medicine for many ailments. In fact, several medical conditions are treated with therapeutic massage in combination with standard medical treatments for a large range of conditions such as anxiety, digestive disorders, and fibromyalgia.

Massage Chiropractor in Palm Beach GardensOther benefits from Therapeutic Massage include improvement of joint mobility, increased range of motion, quicker muscle recovery time in injured or tired muscles, improvement in flexibility and overall posture, circulation improvement, relief of chronic pain, stress reduction, better sleep (improving the quality of daily life). Your experience at Namaste Chiropractic with a Palm Beach Gardens Licensed Massage Therapist is certain to assist in the relief of your pain and discomfort.

Taking time for yourself whether it’s an hour, or an hour-and-a-half, is an important part of taking care of your everyday health. You deserve to feel good and be relaxed. Relieving the tension and aches that daily life can cause, can really make a big difference towards how you feel and perform every day. Namaste Chiropractic's Massage Therapists can perform trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, structural sports massage, prenatal massage, and Swedish relaxation massage.

Dr. Beth & Namaste Chiropractic invite you to make an appointment with one of our professional, licensed massage therapists so they can help you help you start feeling better today.


About Massage Therapy at Namaste Chiropractic

The goals of massage therapy at Namaste Chiropractic, are directed toward the total personal satisfaction of each patient. We believe it is important that there is an exchange of information between the massage therapist and patient. Your personal requirements should be discussed in order to determine what method of therapeutic massage is most suited for your needs. This exchange of information with either of our Massage Therapists provides an opportunity for all parties to openly discuss your expectations for the ideal massage experience.

Regular therapeutic massage promotes the release of physical and psychological tensions. This allows positive, relaxing energy to flow through the body, ridding it of toxic buildups and raising the amount of energy to your system.

Namaste Chiropractic's Massage Therapists offer the services of trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, structural sports massage, prenatal massage, and Swedish relaxation massage.


Relaxation Massage

The goal of a relaxation massage to is calm you. This type of massage is gentle and less intense than some of the other styles. The therapist gently works the upper layers of the muscle tissue to increase relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage works on the connective tissue and deep muscle structures. Deep Tissue massage is specifically designed to increase flexibility and prevent injuries. It is specifically designed for the types of injuries obtained during athletic activity.


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage increases blood circulation to more than four times its normal rate. The massage releases the stagnant toxins stored in the muscle fibers. The result is fresh oxygenated blood flow into the muscles, which boosts energy levels.


Rehabilitative Massage

Rehabilitative massage is designed to support healing of injuries and restoring full range of motion. The therapist focuses on these muscles to restore them to their natural state.


Prenatal Massage

Massage therapy during pregnancy is an excellent choice for those expecting. Considered a helpful part of prenatal care, it is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage alleviates a lot of the discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as backaches, leg cramps, headaches and swelling.


Palm Beach Gardens Licensed Massage Therapist

Namaste Chiropractic can fulfill your needs for a therapeutic massage by a Palm Beach Gardens licensed massage therapist. Our massage therapists are interested knowing about your expectations and needs. We encourage you to speak about your personal requirements with your therapist prior to your massage in order to determine what method of therapeutic massage best suits your needs. This exchange of information with either of Namaste Chiropractic's Massage Therapists will ensure that your reason for visiting us has fully met your expectations.

If you're Thinking about Massage Therapy at Namaste Chiropractic, call 561-619-7319 to inquire about an appointment.


Typical Questions & Answers About Massage

If your Typical Questions & Answers About Massage are not presented and answered here, please call our office at 561-619-7319, and inquire.

What types of massages do you offer?

Namaste Chiropractic's Massage Therapists are skilled in trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, structural sports massage, and Swedish relaxation massage.

Is Massage painful?

Therapeutic massages are meant to bring about healing. Our massage therapists communicate with their patients to make certain they are aware of what to expect from their massage experience.

Is massage therapy covered by my insurance company?

Namaste Chiropractic can help you identify if you have coverage benefits for massage therapy in our office.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. It is recommended that you make an appointment by calling 561.619.7319. one of our massage therapists. Just call Namaste Chiropractic and it will be our pleasure to assist you with making an appointment.

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