Ergonomic Evaluation in Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Beth & Namaste Chiropractic offer Ergonomic Evaluation in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas. What is an ergonomic evaluation? Dr. Beth’s main goal is to adjust work environments and educate workers on methods to reduce risk and avoid injury in the workplace. Dr. Beth’s evaluation is completed by taking proactive steps to manipulate the work environment to best avoid stresses on the body that may lead to injury later. Usually, with some simple adjustments, employers and employees both benefit from ergonomic work environments, avoiding lost hours of work or chronic injury.

All employers should consider the advantages of an effective and sustainable ergonomic work environment for their employees. Ergonomic work environments reduce overall health care expenses, reduce absenteeism and costly labor turnover, it may provide cost containment of workers’ compensation benefits and rates, will likely increase employee productivity, and reduce chances of repeat injury.

Palm Beach Gardens Ergonomic Evaluation

Dr. Beth works with patients as well as local & national businesses, providing effective ergonomic evaluations and solutions for employees and employers alike. On site visits are recommended and can be scheduled by calling our office. Dr. Beth is able to make ergonomic assessments of larger work environments, or provide evaluations for a single workspace. A proactive approach to identify opportunities to reduce employee injuries simply creates healthier work environments for your employees. Palm Beach Gardens Ergonomic Evaluations are just a phone call away at 561-619-7319.

About Ergonomic Evaluation at Namaste Chiropractic

You have likely landed here because you are looking for more information about Ergonomic Evaluation at Namaste Chiropractic. Ergonomics is the practice of studying the relationship between work environments and employees that work within them. An ergonomic evaluation identifies what makes things comfortable and more efficient in an employee’s work environment. Dr. Beth Kozak can visit your place of business to observe employee habits and work patterns, make suggestions and slight changes to the work environment, to promote a healthy body and a healthy mind. If you need to know more about ergonomic evaluation at Namaste Chiropractic, please call Dr. Beth & Namaste Chiropractic at 561-619-7319.

Typical Questions & Answers About Ergonomic Evaluation

If your Typical Questions & Answers About Ergonomic Evaluation are not presented and answered here, please call our office at 561-619-7319, and inquire.

How will an ergonomic evaluation help me?

An Ergonomic evaluation will likely reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Simple adjustments to one’s environment can be helpful in reducing daily stresses applied to one’s body and in-turn, prevent injury from occurring.

Will an ergonomic evaluation really help me save money?

Ergonomic evaluations may help you save money by lowering healthcare costs associated with daily stress placed on a body. If you’re an employer, just by making simple adjustments in your employees’ work environments, may relieve daily stresses that can lead to long-term, chronic health issues. Ergonomic evaluations insure that your work environments are healthy, safe, comfortable, and promote productivity.

Is it worth an evaluation in my home office?

The question really becomes, can you afford not to have an ergonomic evaluation in your home office? Everyday stresses on the body may lead to long-term, chronic health conditions. It’s much easier to be proactive and prevent problems rather than wait for them.

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